Here’s Why Sleeping In Make Up is Bad For Your Skin Health

by | Apr 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

We have all been in this situation. You come home late, dead tired, and the bed looks super inviting. You have make-up on, and you know you should grab that make-up remover right away. But at this moment, you’d like nothing better than just going to sleep. Why not just remove it tomorrow? What could go wrong?
A lot of things, actually. There are reasons why every “beauty rule” includes religiously removing your make-up, especially before going to bed, and those reasons are supported by dermatological science.
Here are all the things that can go wrong if you are sleeping in your make-up all the time.
• Blocked pores and acne
Make-up, especially base make-up, is a lot of foreign material over your skin which blocks out the open pores temporarily. That’s fine for a few hours, but overnight is enough time for make-up particles to settle in the open pores and clog them up. If you keep doing this, over time the lowers layers of accumulation will become permanent and can attract acne-causing bacteria.
• Lines and wrinkles
Most make-ups are oily, and our environment is polluted. These two are not a good combination, especially for your skin. During daytime, your skin accumulated free radicals in the air, many of which are harmful. If you are not in the habit of using a make-up wipe every night, over time those radicals can break down the collagen on your skin. Collagen is an essential protein that preserves the skin, and the breakdown of it makes your skin go thin, wrinkly, and even susceptible to environmental damage.
• Premature dulling and ageing
Our body doesn’t go to sleep when we do. In fact, there are several processes in our body that starts precisely when we go to sleep. Skin renewal and rejuvenation are among those processes. Our skin is the natural shield of our body, and it undergoes a lot of environmental stress during the day, such as UV rays, pollution, airborne allergens etc. Sleep re-energizes the skin and repairs its daytime damages. But when you sleep with make-up on, this process gets hindered. The presence of foreign elements hinders the natural damage repair work, and this hindrance over time can lead to a permanently damaged skin. The result? Premature ageing and dulling of your skin.
• Eye infections
Okay, you’ve wiped down your face. But what about eye make-up? They are often harder to remove, and much more work than regular base make-up. Is it equally necessary to remove eye make-up as well?
Sleeping with eyeliner or mascara on won’t lead to clogged pores. But it can cause other harms – and those are potentially even more serious than premature ageing or acne. We are talking about severe eye infections and inflammations. When we sleep, we are not in control of our movements. Frictions with pillow and the bed can lead to eye make-up getting inside your eye. This leads to eye irritation over short-term, and bacteria build-up and formations of styes (small bumps) inside your eyes over long-term.
But how to ensure easy removal of eye and face make-up when you are super-tired?
Ever thought of giving make-up remover wipes a try? They are super convenient, can be kept at your bedside, and causes minimum mess. Just take one or two out, depending on the amount of make-up, give your face and eyes a thorough wipe, and go to sleep.
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