How to Choose the Right Eye Makeup Remover

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 Removing your makeup is an important part of your daily skin care routine. But the wrong make up remover can actually do more harm than good – especially the wrong eye makeup remover. Improper handling can lead to problems like scratchy and dry under-eye areas and eye infections. Hence, it is important that you clean your eyes correctly and choose the right product for it.

Why you need special care for eye makeup removing

Even if your skin can tolerate most makeup removers and products, eyes can be a tricky part to clean.
First of all, eyes are our windows to the world and there’s always the risk of products getting inside it. This can lead to a host of problems, starting from mild irritations to even inflammations and infections from product residues. Plus, the area under and over your skin is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face, and requires a lot more care while handling.
Both the texture and ingredients of your eye makeup remover, therefore, is important while you choose.

What to look for in your eye makeup remover

Here’s the catch. Eye makeup is as a rule tougher to remove than face make up. Since eyes can get watery, most eye makeup like mascara and eye-liners are made with less-dissolvable and sometimes waterproof ingredients. Your eye makeup remover needs to be able to remove products while being as gentle as possible.

  • Fragrance-free – fragrances contain chemicals that have an extremely negative impact on sensitive skin. Now, even if you do not have sensitive skin, the area around your eye is a lot thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. Using scented removers can cause rashes and itches around your eye.
  • Non-oily – Oil is considered a safer and gentler alternative to chemical removers. But it has its own set of problems. Excess oil accumulation around the thin and sensitive eye area can clog pores much faster and easier than other areas of your face. And clogged pores mean acne and breakouts. If you are using an oil-based remover, it is essential to cleanse your face afterwards.
  • Gentle texture – Eye makeup removal is all about gentleness. Tugging or rubbing can cause irritations, and a rough texture can also contribute to problems. It is necessary that you use a soft wipe or cotton swabs to clean around your eyes.
  • Quick dissolve – Choosing a remover that can dissolve tough makeup quicker is very important for your eyes. You don’t want to rub or mess too much with the area around your eyes, so a powerful solvent that can accomplish a quick removal is ideal.

Conclusion – you have an option!

Eye makeup removal is crucial, but it can be time-consuming and a lot of hassle for all the care it requires. Plus specialized eye makeup removers would mean some extra pocket pinch. With makeup getting even more expensive by the day, that is a scary thought!
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