Have Sensitive Skin? Makeup could be Hurting You.

by | May 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

Sensitive skin is a curse, no denying it. Your skin dries out in a jiffy, weather patterns can cause havoc, allergies and breakouts are frequent occurrences, and sometimes it can even become painful to the touch.
Now imagine, if just the wind and sun can cause you to break out, how would it react to make up products?
Sensitive skin reacts to most products that normal skin types tolerate easily. That includes both make up and make up remover products.

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

  • You flush easily, often without provocation, and your skin reddens all the time.
  • Rashes and allergies break out very frequently, and at the slightest provocations, from a long day in the sun, pool water, and of course, skin products.
  •  Your skin has dry and Itchy patches, which is usually the result of a very thin skin barrier.
  •  Your skin has tiny red spots, which are the result of broken and/or swollen capillaries or thin blood vessels.
  • Your skin is extremely acne-prone, because of uneven oil distribution all over.
  • Your skin reacts to both sunny and cold weather. The sun’s UV rays can cause instant flushing and rashes. Cold and windy weather, on the other hand, can cause blood vessels to swell and produce inflammation.

How it reacts to skin products?

  • The primary problem with sensitive skin is, as said above, a very thin skin barrier. So whatever product you are using on your face, is coming much closer to all the blood vessels and nerve ends under your skin, which the skin is supposed to protect.
  • Fragrances are the no. 1 enemy of sensitive skin. The chemicals used to scent products are very dangerous if you have sensitive skin, so they should be avoided entirely. Look for products that are labeled ‘fragrance-free’ and not just unscented. Even when it seemingly has no scents, sometimes neutral-scent chemicals are used to mask the unpleasant odors of chemicals.
  • Chemicals like paraffin, Sodium lauryl sulphate, formaldehyde, triclosan in your beauty products can cause serious rashes and allergies. Always read the product descriptions before buying any beauty or skin product and stick to gentler products with less chemicals.
  • Oily makeup and makeup removers can contribute to the uneven oil concentration zones on your face, causing you to break out in acne and pimples very soon. Invest in oil-free makeup and makeup remover products.
  • Makeup removal is one of the culprits, as wiping your face too strongly can also cause severe irritation if you have sensitive skin. Always make sure to be gentle and as careful as possible while you wipe down makeup, and never rub strongly even if it’s a stubborn colour.


Sensitive skin needs some extra love and care, and make sure you provide it that – and that goes for choosing the right skin products as well. For gentle and effective makeup removal solutions, give Alluredevine Make Up Remover Face Wipes a shot. It’s dermatologist-approved, completely fragrance and oil-free, and dissolves even stubborn mascara stains with just a gentle swipe. Plus, the Vitamin E gives your skin some extra nourishing boost, that it could always do with!