Wear Makeup Regularly? This is How Your Skin Care Routine Should Look Like

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The skin is the natural shield of our body. But what shields the shield? Well, you, if you care to.

Many of us don’t really fathom how important it is to have a regular skin-care routine in place, especially if we use makeup. The pollution and dirt in our current environment is enough damage already, add makeup-related grime and oil accumulation to this, you have the perfect formula for never-ending allergies, acnes, and prematurely aged skin.

But let’s face it, skin care can be confusing. Choosing the correct product, knowing the correct order of application, having the correct protection in place – all of these things matter for your skin in the long run.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of creating your simple but effective everyday skincare routine.

Cleansing-toning-moisturising is the backbone of every good skincare routine, and focusing on these three will keep your life simpler. Experts also recommend adding an eye crème and a skin serum to this mix for overall benefits. Of course, a good sunscreen is must for any skincare routine to work.

There are many multiple-step skin care routines available everywhere, but life is busy and not all of us can spend hours on our skin alone. More importantly, being consistent with the basics is far more effective than following an elaborate plan erratically.

Morning routine – When putting on makeup

Cleansing: Clean your face of the overnight oil accumulation with a foam or gel-based cleanser. Soap-based cleansers tend to dry out the skin and can cause problems in the long run even in oily skins. So avoiding them is advisable.

Toning: This step is important to exfoliate and unclog your pores so that your skin can breathe. But toners with the wrong ingredients can also cause serious damage to your pores by making them too dry. Experts advise avoiding toners with ingredients like SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol.

Moisturizing: Those of us with super-oily skin often give the moisturizer a miss, simply because how icky it makes us feel. But that is a mistake, because even oily skin needs regular hydration and can become irritable over time if not provided so. Look for gel or water-based moisturizers, but whatever you do, don’t give it a miss!

Sunscreen: Be generous with your Sunscreen, no matter how oily you think it’s going to make you look. UV rays are among the biggest enemies of your skin, and no matter how much care you take everything will be for nought if you forget to block the sun out of your face. Choose one with a high SPF count, but being generous with it actually matters more than the SPF count. If you are too worried about the stickiness, choose a gel-based one.

Only now move on to doing your makeup for the day.

Night routine – When removing makeup

Repeat all the steps from the morning routine, but with a few modifications.

Double cleanse: After a long day of accumulating dirt, grime, and makeup particles, your skin needs some hard cleansing. Many experts recommend a double cleanse routine at this point. This means, removing your makeup with a dedicated makeup remover first, and then following up with your normal cleanser.

If washing and rubbing your face again and again seems tiresome, just wipe your makeup clean with our Alluredivine Makeup Removal Wipes and then proceed with the cleansing routine. Our easy-dissolve formula cleans out even waterproof mascara with little effort, saving you time and energy at the end of a long day!

Toning and moisturizing: Follow the morning routine. Only consider replacing your morning moisturizer here with a night crème. Our skin goes into repair mode between 12 am and 4 am and some extra hydration at this period really helps smoothen it. Choosing an extra-hydrating moisturizer/crème for your night routine will give your skin that extra boost.

Serum and eye crème: You won’t need the sunscreen now. Replace this step with a skin serum and eye crème. Both of these have revitalizing and anti-ageing benefits, and dull, aged skin is one of the by-products of regular makeup exposure. So make sure to add these two to your routine. Especially, since the area under and over your eyes are extra-thin and sensitive, they do need some extra love! For best results, choose a serum with Vitamin A, C, or E. Should be applied in the abovementioned order.


Skin care doesn’t have to be a nightmare or even an elaborate time-consuming process. But going without it can cause your skin serious damage and problems in the long run. Keep it simple, keep it consistent, and keep it happy!